About us

We are your classic one‐stop shop.

From our twenty metres of professional tasting bench to the Vinpac bottling hall next door, give us your grapes and there’s no need to step outside for anything. Bring your grapes in, and take your packaged wine away on pallets.

Every wine in our building has a winemaker who will tend it throughout its journey from receival to bottling. Our winery has been constructed to ensure our customers can always expect the extra attention to detail that eludes the more industrial processors.

We forge great working partnerships with consultant winemakers. We make their lives easier. At McLaren Vintners, we offer a vast range of ferment options. We can, for example, press whole white bunches. We can crush, destem or both. We have enormous chilling capacity – enough to chill 10,000 tonnes. We can manage cold soaks, cold stabilization and cold storage. We can warm too. Our temperature control is accurate and reliable.

We can do reds in small batches, in open fermenters, in eight different sizes of rotaries, or static closed tanks. You name it, we’ve got the fermenter for you. All our new tanks double as fermentation vessels. Extended ferments? How long would you like?

A highly successful venture, McLaren Vintners is making its mark; making your wine.

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