From 2 to 50 tonnes our diverse offering allows our customers to create what they desire. Be it organic, whole bunch press, 5 or 21 day fermentation, or a straight forward crush to finished wine. The ability to manage temperature control from the click of a button to a direct feed to the Vinpac bottling hall, our experienced cellar team can achieve what you are looking for.

We offer a range of processing services including organic processes, small batch and innovative yeast culturing that are cost effective for you.

From our inception in 2004, we have strived to build a culture of passion, innovation and creativity for our customers, employees and suppliers. Over time, we have developed a solid foundation in which we continually change and adapt to provide the most innovative product and services.

We pride ourselves on providing the sort of flexibility and care you would find in the most precious hands‐on boutique.

Our four base processes are:

1. White Juice ‐ Clarified

White grapes crushed, pressed and must cold settled for 3 days. After 3 days, clear juice is racked off gross lees and rotary drum vacuum filtered. Juice is despatched within 24 hours of clarification.

2. White Winemaking

White juice as in 1 is prepared for fermentation to an agreed sugar level. The finished white wine is both cold and heat stabilised. All winery operations required to finished white to be ‘bottle ready’, including all filtration requirements. Storage charges included to 1 July.

3. Red Wine ‐ Ex Fermenter (standard 7 days ferment on skins)

Red grapes crushed, yeasted and fermented on skins for a period of up to 7 days. The ferment is pressed and to be despatched with lees.

4. Red Winemaking

Red grapes as in 3, settled, racked off gross lees, SO2 added with post malo‐lactic fermentation. Storage charges included to 1 July. Winery operations required to finish red to be ‘bottle ready’, including all stabilisation and filtration requirements.

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