We are HACCP Certified, Australian Certified Organic (ACO/NOP) and many of our Analytical Services are NATA Accredited. Consider us your complete wine partner. Offering fast, accurate testing from fruit on the vine through the various stages of production and finally with same day export certification for those last minute shipments. Conveniently located in the heart of the McLaren Vale region, our analytical department is highly skilled and equipped to manage all testing and certifying at very competitive prices.


Currently we offer the following analysis:

Standard Tests (samples should be dropped of by 12 noon for same day analysis)

  • pH*
  • Total Acid* (TA)
  • Volatile Acid* (VA)
  • Alcohol*
  • Glucose + Fructose* (GF)
  • Residual Sugar (RS)
  • Baume
  • Free Sulphur Dioxide*
  • Total Sulphur Dioxide*
  • Malic Acid
  • Turbidity (NTU)*
  • Specific Gravity (SG)*

* These tests are NATA accredited
Non-Standard Tests

  • YAN
  • Heat Stability
  • Bentonite Fining trials
  • Other Non‐standard tests available on request


We process grape samples for maturity testing and report Be, pH & TA


  • CAA Certificate of Analysis ‐ for AGWA Continuing Approval Applications
  • VI1 (Packaged Wine) for export to the European Union
  • Japanese Certificate
  • Taiwanese Certificate
  • Combinations of the above certificates (at a discounted rate)

(please note we are unable to analyse fortified or sticky wines)

Other non‐standard analysis can also be undertaken, contact us for pricing and availability‐ email Lab@mclarenvintners.com.au or phone 08 8383 2008.


Our fees are very competitive and are detailed in the Fee Schedule

Business Hours

Outside of vintage we are open
7:30am to 4:00pm Monday ‐ Thursday
7:30am to 3:00pm Friday

During vintage (Feb ‐ May) this is extended to 7am to 6pm Monday ‐ Friday and 7am to 12 noon Saturday

We may be able to perform analysis outside of these hours but please ring ahead to check availability

Vintage hours are subject to change, please contact the lab to discuss

Turn‐around Times

For standard tests results are emailed within 2 hours (this increases to 4 hours during Vintage).

For grape maturity tests, a same‐day turn‐around is offered if samples are received prior to 12 noon.

For export analysis, electronic certificates will be sent out the same day, provided samples are dropped in by 12noon.

**Please note samples for Taiwanese Export, Malic Acid, YAN, Heat Stability and Bentonite Fining analysis may be subject to longer turn‐ around times ‐ please contact us to discuss.

Turn‐around for non‐standard tests is a maximum of 5‐days, although average completion is within 2 working days.

Submitting Samples for Analysis

Samples are to be clearly marked using our External Analysis Request Tickets. Samples should be dropped of by 12 noon for same day analysis.

For Grape Maturity Samples please download our Maturity Vineyard Sample Labels.

Customers are required to:

  • sign each sample request sheet to confirm that they have downloaded and acknowledged the Terms & Conditions of Service.
  • provide an email address for delivery of results. If an email address is not available please include a fax number in its place.

Quality Policy

McLaren Vintners' management and staff are committed to providing excellence in analytical services that meet customers' expectations through the understanding and implementation of a quality management system that conforms to ISO/IEC 17025 (Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). This includes a range of quality control measures and participation in external proficiency testing. The management system undergoes regular review as part of our commitment to continual improvement.

Payment for Service

The Customer agrees that all payments will be made within 7 days of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. The Laboratory reserves the right at any time before the samples are analysed to increase the price of the Service to reflect any increase in cost which is due to a factor beyond our control or if the Customer's instructions change. All sample transport costs will be borne in full by the Customer. All amounts quoted on this site are GST exclusive. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further details.